Harry Styles Fan Fiction Cover 

Hey, sorry it has been a while. I had a very long important family issues that caused me to be very busy. I will start posting more soon. 😀




I do covers now! If you need a cover just let me know on here or Wattpad.

Aquamarine – Wattpad

Wattpad cover

fffffffffffffffffffffffff - done

This story is coming soon to Wattpad by @chickville

(The cover is actually by @lizzyAtommo but I changed my username from @14ElizabethAC to @lizzyAtommo after I made this.)

Louis Tomlinson Edit

louis and peeta edit

One Direction – Louis Tomlinson and Peeta Mellark edit.

Made by: Writer15

Niall and Peeta edit

Niall Horan and Peeta mellark edit


Made by : Writer15 xx

Hello It’s Writer15

Hey, I’m Writer15

The reason I created this blog was share my love for editing photos (and editing famous people.)  I like to make wattpad story covers. Feel free to look at any of the posts on here.

-Writer15 xx

One of my edits below.